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Earn Bonus Value

Each time you top-up, you get extra bonus value. The more you top-up, the more you get!

Get Priority Access Passes

Get onboard the trips you want even when our buses are running full!

Express Check-In

Skip check-in queues when you book online with the Aeroline Card.
Earn Bonus Value ($)
For every top-up on your Aeroline Card, Bonus Value is earned. The more the top-up value, the bigger the Bonus Value you will earn!
Top-Up Value (RM / $) Bonus Value (%) Bonus Value (RM / $) Complimentary PAP
RM200 / S$ 100 5 RM10 / S$ 5 Yes / 1 piece
RM500 / S$ 300 7 RM35 / S$ 21 Yes / 3 pieces
RM800 / S$ 500 10 RM80 / S$ 50 Yes / 5 pieces

Priority Access Passes (PAP)

For every top-up made on your Aeroline Card, you will be issued Priority Access Passes (PAP). With these PAP passes, special reserved bus seats can be unlocked during peak periods. Our Customer Care Officer (CCO) will unlock* the reserved seat(s) for you, usually in lower deck business lounge so that you can get the departure time of your choice even when buses are running full!

*Whilst every effort is taken to accommodate the trip that you choose with the PAP, we cannot guarantee that we can always get you the seat you want given the volatility of the demand and the limited number of PAP seats (2) per trip. We will offer you the next best option if the trip you want is unavailable.

No Administration Fee

When you use the Aeroline Card to purchase tickets online or over the counter, the administration fee will be waived. Aeroline card helps you save more!

Express Check-In

When you book online with the Aeroline Card, you can print out your electronic tickets. This allows you to immediately board the coach without having to check-in to exchange your pin number for your ticket. Skip queues for great convenience.

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